" Salam. Hello there!. It's psychological - my works have no gender. I also do paintings, and accept commission | Email anugerahgee@gmail.com | anugerahgee.weebly.com "
In This Pressure
Snake Within Pattern
Rebel In Silence
My Disappointment
The Face Art 10/The Nature Lover
In This Rebel
The Other Soundwave
Out Of Shell
"The Face Art 13/The Classical Entertainment"
"19+Flowers - LIFE"
"19+Flowers - LOVE"
"The Face Art 17/Clindamycin"
"The Face Art 21/The Fancy Lover"
"The Face Art 18/Cloxacillin"
"The Face Art 20/Cherry Biter"
"The Face Art 19/Dreaming In Delusional"
"The Face Art 22/In Recovery"