" I reside in Penang. I'm a watercolor & graphic artist and photographer. I mainly focus on animal art & architecture paintings; occasionally I do some food art. Visit accaciastudio.com to learn more. "
Amber the Cat
Save The Orangutans Watercolor Illustration
Sumatran Tiger Watercolor Portrait
Leopard Lacewing Butterfly in Watercolor
Sydney Opera House In Watercolor
Love Lane Archway, Penang In Watercolor
Masjid Kapitan Keling In Watercolor
De Verwachting Windmill In Watercolor
Stop The Killing: Black Rhino
A Blue Jay In Watercolor
A Swimming Turtle In Watercolor
Snow Leopard Cub Watercolor Portrait
An African Elephant Illustration
A Black Rhino Watercolor Portrait
Cross River Gorilla Watercolor Portrait
Orangutan Watercolor Portrait