A plea for a Community Preschool Project

In January 2015, the Cambodian Education and Development Fund (CEDF) surveyed 50 families in one of the poorest community at the Prek Angkor Village, Nglong Samnar Province. It was found that only 1.5% of the 44 children aged 1 to 5 years old, are registered and go to public kindergarten. The reason for this small figure is due to poor livelihood and lack of support from local authority, parents are working far away from home, no one takes them to school and schools are located far away from their homes.

In view of this need and the request from respondents, CEDF proposed to initiate a Community Preschool Program (CPP) to enroll 25 kids aged between 4 to 6 years old, to participate in project activities and to also support and facilitate the children to continue their primary level education.

Considering these issues, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Malaysia had agreed to support CEDF and deployed 49 volunteers under MYCorps Mission 2: Cambodia in 2016 to build a preschool complete with toilets and playground. The completed preschool project was subsequently handover to be managed by CEDF in early December 2016.

Managing the Preschool

The early childhood development program at the community preschool has commenced its first-year academic session in April 2017 for 20 children. However, CEDF has estimated that an annual management cost of around USD$5000 (RM21,550.00) is needed to sustain the preschool operations. They plan to explore a more sustainable financial plan after 3 years, when the preschool operations are more stabilized. Meanwhile, CEDF is currently sourcing for private funds to help run and maintain the preschool.


Under the #revisitcambodia2 project, MYCorps Alumni in partnership with CEDF and Humanity Heroes aims to achieve better-quality education at the preschool by ensuring the following:
• Fulfillment of basic needs of the students; physically and mentally that contribute to their development
• Good parenting knowledge and skills of the parents to ensure holistic education at school and at home
• Capacity building for teachers to ensure the learning activities are inclusive and relevant

A small team of MYCorps Alumni volunteers will be returning to the Pret Angkor Village, Nglong Samnar on the 16 – 22 September 2017. Together with CEDF, we will carry out activities with the preschool e.g. building rain gutters, interactions with the children via mathematics, English and computer lessons & sports and games activities as well as local community engagement. To achieve the project objectives effectively, we are targeting to raise RM27,500 (US$6,381) to implement the 1-week #revisitcambodia2 program activities and more importantly, to supply the basic needs of the preschool for 2017-2018 session.

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