Within Creative United, there are two types of art selling platforms:

1) Creative United Artist Store  - Rapid Product Creation System

Creative United Artist Store membership can only sell products on this website, and it is governed by a simple web based online terms & condition agreement. Approved artist seller at Creative United Online Store will be automatically sign in to Rapid Product Creation System, where artist will manage on their own artworks and selecting which product to sell. Currently 4 types of products are available art prints, canvas prints, tote bag and pillow.

2) Creative United Collective - Online, consignment and wholesale

Creative United Collective is a fully curated product creation and sales platform. Artist under Creative United Collective brand will have their products sales via online, consignment and wholesale. There will be some differences in the way royalty is calculated compare to Creative United Artist Store Online. Opening a personal artist store at creativeunited.my is not required for becoming Creative United Collective Artist. 

Art Licensing & Products

Artist will be licensing image per image in Creative United Collective. Artist provide original artwork that he or she is legal to sell it. Creative United designers team will co-develop products using the licensed artwork. Product types will be varied and will be made available at multiple price points, depending on the specifics target market.

Royalty and more.

    • Artist will receives 20% royalty base on Selling Price.
    • On Consignment and Online Sales; Retail Price is Selling Price but Selling Price may also be less than Retail Price due to discount/promotion.
    • On Wholesale, Selling Price is 30% to 40% less than Retail Price depending on type of products. Therefore artist will receive 20% royalty from this selling price.

Apply to Becoming Creative United Collective Artist.
Interested artist that would like to participate in this program can send in their application with some references to the works portfolio online. Email us the at hello@creativeunited.my

Please do not send in any physical works, we will not be able to return them. We cannot guarantee that every applications will be approved. Our team is small. We can only deal with limited numbers of artists. Team communication and interaction is mostly on emails and meetup.