Creative United is a free marketplace for the creatives to sell works with peace of mind on a vast range of high quality products.

Secret Innovation Sdn Bhd is a company that has a balance mix of creative and technical skills. With a vast experience in online website, system and application development, we are taking down the challenge to undertake this mission to develop and operate a platform to promote and assist local companies/artists designers to license or produce spin off products from their artworks while contributing to and championing the creative asset based economy and elevate it further to a higher level. At the heart of the company, there is a great love towards arts, design and creativity. We have expertise in vast majority of areas in creative design business, be it painting, graphics design, digital graphics, multimedia, animation, video production and much more.

Creative United Store platform is an end to end solution that leverages on three keys components: Technology, Marketplace and Community on which making up a great foundation to develop a high impact and sustainable platform that enable a conducive environment that will maximize conversion and transactions. Creative United Store offer creative art lovers a huge selection of creative prints on awesome and high quality products such as fine art prints, canvas art prints, t-shirt, pillow, mobile cases, wall clocks, tote bags, limited and premium merchandises that’s all derived from artworks, passionately created by talented artists and designers. A playground for the creative minds to showcase their works, admiring work, discussing work and making money. Learn and collaborating with other like minded people. 

Creative United. Empowering Independent Artists and Designers.

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