Creative United is a free art marketplace for the creatives to sell art with peace of mind on a vast range of high quality products.

Creative United is an online platform and a marketplace for independent artists, designers and creative companies to easily commercialise their artworks and IPs as a variety of products without any cost. A platform developed to assist artists and companies to sell their artworks, and making it easy for anyone to buy creative merchandising products, as well as develop community where artists and art buyers can communicate, and understand each other better. 

Creative United offers easy to use tools for artist to showcase their artworks and make it able to reach out to millions of people who love and appreciate art. Artist will be able to setup accounts, upload their cool artworks and make it available for purchase as various of merchandising products at

Creative United manufacture the products, pack and ship it to the customer so that the artists can focus on what they loved most - creating wonderful artworks. We empower artists to make money via our royalty programme and Creative United is a great platform for artist to showcase their amazing arts.

Apart from hosting the easy to use rapid creative art merchandising product creation system, Creative United also hosts several homegrown creative art merchandising related brands, from a wide range of categories such as lifestyle, fashion, home decor and more.


To establish Creative United as the leading Art eCommerce platforms for on-demand printing of artsy products merchandising and clothing. We help independent artists and companies sell their own merchandise through Creative United platform.
What’s more, Creative United poised to create a dynamic & holistic ecosystem that promote, support, nurture Creative Visual Art content development in Malaysia and beyond. A market space where creatives unites, collaborate and prosper.


  • We help artist and companies to commercialise their artworks while at the same time increasing value to our products offerings
  • To embrace and promote Creative United branding toward gaining more mindshare, heartshare and spiritshare of the customer and community.
  • Offering amazing products that satisfy the needs and exceed the expectation of our customers
  • Go Global - Bringing Malaysia to the World

Creative United. Empowering Independent Artists and Designers.

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