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Wild Green
Hello world(of future)
Afra Minimalist
So much to see
Haura Minimalist
I'm home
We're taking off
while in my mind(all ready created)
tastes(essences) of life here lost to our greed, (shouldn't we) repatch them back(at least)
time bath (continuous)till (new)you happen
richness of once (a)dream
playtime(for me)
I'm just passing by
we made it(at last), the great sea of Bunga
childhood fuel(exploration)
propelled into routine brings surprises(adventures) too
let your life be as colourful as your dances(steps taken)
(off)day, the day you invade(again)
(always)meaningful balance
somehow Renaissance in my mind is (much)better
That anxiety-bubbling steps taken(anyway)
I have arrived in the next moon(month)
Tropical Burst (abstract03)
Zen art
noise - concrete jungle (abstract01)
Do It For Your Future Self
See The Good In Everything
Never Be Afraid Of Change
Life Is Tough, But So Are You
abstract flowers
abstract flowers
abstract flowers
Acrylic Pour Art
Cucuk Mentari
Bunga Amoeba
Patternize Looped
Terrazzo Cappuccino
Acrylic Pour Art
Flamingo love
Love funny meaning
Live. Life. Laugh.
Acrylic Pour Art
Cakra colours Acrylic pour art
Blue wave acrylic pour 2
Acrylic Pour Paint