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In progress no. 2
"The Face Art 13/The Classical Entertainment"
"19+Flowers - LIFE"
"19+Flowers - LOVE"
"The Face Art 17/Clindamycin"
In to The Grey
Gurun Sekampung
Cute White Monster in Orange
Big Wave
Big Wave no. 2
Big Wave no. 3
As I Promise
Search for the Rainbow
Star Butterfly (Guy ver.)
Badass Mouse
Yellow Cat with Red Balloon
Cute Orange Honey Bear!
Cute Black Honey Bear
Here is My Story
super hero in the century
Black Rose
Monsoon Dance
"The Face Art 21/The Fancy Lover"
"The Face Art 18/Cloxacillin"
"The Face Art 20/Cherry Biter"
"The Face Art 19/Dreaming In Delusional"
"The Face Art 22/In Recovery"
Pink Lotus Blooming
The Red Classic
Purple Classic Plymouth
Cute Black Bear
The Sleeping Moon
Swag Life
Red Lambretta.
Blue Poppy Blooming
Birthday Bear
Painting in Progress
Batu 8
Yellow Datsun
White Rabbit in Orange
John Lennon
The Bad Father
White Classic Car
Blooming Red Lotus
Golden Pontiac GTO
Yellow Volkswagon Camper
Lata Bayu