Creative United is a platform to give independent artists a meaningful new way to sell their creations. We manufacture premium consumer goods from Wall Arts and Apparel to Bags and Home Decor.

Artist create, we produce and fulfill and every purchase pays an artist.

We developed an online platform that is easy to use for artist to upload art and sell their artwork on our selection of products. Artist can focus on what they love to do the most which is creating more great artworks, without getting into the hassle of manufacturing the product, fulfilling orders or dealing with customer service. Leave that to us.

  • 01.

    You upload your artwork and choose products

  • 02.

    We process transactions and handle the customer service each time your artwork sells

  • 03.

    We take care of printing and shipping to customers

  • 04.

    You earn a commission on every artwork sold

Become a CU Artist

  1. Open your artsy products shop in minutes. Make your artwork immediately available for sale. Sign up here.
  2. Just upload your art and designs and leave the rest to us. We arrange for all the printing and and shipping internationally.
  3. You get paid for every products sold using your artwork.

Below are the products for you to sell and the royalty or profit for each product sold using your artwork:


Art Print

Determined by You

Canvas Print

Determined by You

Pillow + Insert

Determined by You. (Default 20%)
16" : RM13.00
18" : RM15.00
20" : RM19.00

Tote Bag

Determined by You. (Default 20%)
RM8.00 (Non-Zippered)
RM9.00 (Zippered)
RM13.00 (Sling & Zippered)

Decor Art Print

Determined by You. (Default 20%)
XS (21 X 30cm) : RM8.00
S (30 X 40cm) : RM14.00
M (40 X 50cm) : RM19.00
L (50 X 70cm) : RM29.00
XL (70 X 100cm) : RM53.60
XS-SQ (23cm X 23cm) : RM6.00
XL-SQ (50cm X 50cm) : RM22.00

Decor Canvas Print

Determined by You. (Default 20%)
A4 : RM11.00
A3 : RM19.00
A2 : RM29.00
A1 : RM49.00
 A0 : RM85.00
XL-SQ (24") : RM39.00
XS-SQ (12") : RM15.00


Determined by You. (Default 20%)
A0 : RM24.00
A1 : RM16.00
A2 : RM11.00
XL-SQ : RM16.00
L-SQ : RM11.00

Sling Bag

Determined by You. (Default 20%)
Small : RM8.00
Medium : RM9.00

Pouch Bag

Determined by You. (Default 20%)
Premium : RM7.00


Determined by You. (Default 20%)
11oz : RM5.00

Pencil Case

Determined by You. (Default 20%)
Value : RM5.00
Premium : RM7.00

Drawstring Bag

Determined by You. (Default 20%)
Small : RM7.00
Large : RM8.00


Determined by You. (Default 20%)
All Sizes : RM13.80

Mouse Pad

Determined by You. (Default 20%)
21x18x0.5cm : RM5.00

 How to sell my products and earn money?

There are two ways to sell your products and earn money:

  • Customer purchases your products at Creative United.

    • Promote your products and direct customer to purchase at your shop. You'll earned 20% royalty or more from the sales. All earnings are recorded at the 'My Earning' page.
    • Royalty will be paid to your preferred bank accounts(local) or Paypal after 14 days and at the end of each month. The minimum earnings to be processed is RM30.00.
  • Sell directly to customer and collect payment.

    • There are many ecommerce and social media platforms for you to promote and sell your products directly to customer. When the customer pays you, place the order using your artist account to get special artist's price (without royalty).
    • Just fill in the customer shipping details when checkout. Done, and instant profit in hand.
    • You can sell and set your own pricing structure for all CU products by making your products private. Only you can purchase your product at artist's price. We do not include any invoices in your parcels.

Promote It to Your Fans, Clients, Friends and the World Announce your art store to the World:

Promote your new art & products via Facebook, Instagram etc. Link people to your product page. Share the URL and start making money! or just collect orders yourself for instant profit!