The Snow leopard cub watercolor portrait is another one of my favorite paintings. I really enjoyed doing this piece from start to finish. The original painting is without the watercolor textured background, which was added later (check out my website: accaciastudio.com). The Snow Leopard is such a beautiful and magnificent cat; they are the kings of the mountains. However, their population is depleting, with their sole predator being human. Hunting, habitat loss and retaliatory killings are the main reasons this big cat is under threat (source, WWF). Climate change poses perhaps the greatest long term threat to snow leopards as the impacts from climate change could result in a loss of snow leopard habitats (source, WWF).

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I reside in Penang. I'm a watercolor & graphic artist and photographer. I mainly focus on animal art & architecture paintings; occasionally I do some food art. Visit accaciastudio.com to learn more.